Bangladesh Premier League (Bangladesh) - 97 recent games analysed

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General statistics by Hintwise
Goals Per Game: 2.24
Home Team Goals Per Game: 1.19
Away Team Goals Per Game: 1.05
Final Score - EVEN: 55.7%
Final Score - ODD: 44.3%

Home Win Games: 36.1%
DRAWS: 32%
Away Win Games: 32%

Over 3.5 Goals Scored: 20.6%
Over 2.5 Goals Scored: 39.2%
Over 1.5 Goals Scored: 64.9%
Both Teams Score - YES : 41.2%
Both Teams Score - NO: 58.8%

Games Without Goals: 18.6%
Most Common Score: 0-0 (18 )
Second Most Common Score: 1-1 (10 )


TeamGames AnalysedGoals Scored HomeGoals Scored AwayTotal AverageOver 1.5 GoalsOver 2.5 GoalsOver 3.5 Goals
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CountryHome vs AwayLeagueLast 5 HomeLast 5 AwayOdds
Home Win
Odds DrawOdds Away Win
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CountryHome vs AwayLeagueLast 5 HomeLast 5 AwayOdds
Home Win
Odds DrawOdds Away Win
Bangladesh Sheikh Russel - Arambagh Krira Sangha  Bangladesh Premier League WDDLD LLLDW    
Bangladesh Mohammedan Dhaka - Brothers Union  Bangladesh Premier League WDDWW DLDLW    
Bangladesh Team BJMC - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League DLDDL LWLWL    
Bangladesh Farashganj SC - Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC  Bangladesh Premier League LWDLL WWWDL    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Abahani Limited Shaka  Bangladesh Premier League WWLDL WWWWW    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Team BJMC  Bangladesh Premier League DLLLD LDLDD    
Bangladesh Rahmatgonj MFS - Sheikh Russel  Bangladesh Premier League LLLLD LWDDL    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Saif  Bangladesh Premier League WWWLD LDWDW    
Bangladesh Muktijoddha SKC - Mohammedan Dhaka  Bangladesh Premier League WLWLW WWDDW    
Bangladesh Brothers Union - Farashganj SC  Bangladesh Premier League LDLDL LLWDL    
Bangladesh Abahani Limited Shaka - Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC  Bangladesh Premier League WWWWW DWWWD    
Bangladesh Team BJMC - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League LLDLD DLLLL    
Bangladesh Saif - Sheikh Russel  Bangladesh Premier League WLDWD DLWDD    
Bangladesh Farashganj SC - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League DLLWD LWLWL    
Bangladesh Brothers Union - Abahani Limited Shaka  Bangladesh Premier League DLDLD WWWWW    
Bangladesh Rahmatgonj MFS - Mohammedan Dhaka  Bangladesh Premier League LDLLL LWWDD    
Bangladesh Sheikh Russel - Team BJMC  Bangladesh Premier League WDLWD WLLDL    
Bangladesh Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC - Saif  Bangladesh Premier League WDWWW DWLDW    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Farashganj SC  Bangladesh Premier League WDLLL LDLLW    
Bangladesh Abahani Limited Shaka - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League WWWWW LLWLW    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Brothers Union  Bangladesh Premier League LWWWL WDLDL    
Bangladesh Mohammedan Dhaka - Sheikh Russel  Bangladesh Premier League LLWWD DWDLW    
Bangladesh Saif - Team BJMC  Bangladesh Premier League DDWLD WWLLD    
Bangladesh Farashganj SC - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League LLDLL DLDLL    
Bangladesh Brothers Union - Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC 1  Bangladesh Premier League DWDLD WWDWW    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Abahani Limited Shaka  Bangladesh Premier League DWDLL WWWWW    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League DLWWW DLLWL    
Bangladesh Sheikh Russel - Farashganj SC  Bangladesh Premier League WDWDL DLLDL    
Bangladesh Team BJMC - Mohammedan Dhaka  Bangladesh Premier League LWWLL WLLWW    
Bangladesh Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League WWWDW LDLLW    
Bangladesh Brothers Union - Saif  Bangladesh Premier League LDWDL DDDWL    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Arambagh Krira Sangha  Bangladesh Premier League WDLWW LDWDL    
Bangladesh Abahani Limited Shaka - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League DWWWW LDLDL    
Bangladesh Abahani Chittagong - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League WWDLW DLDLD    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC  Bangladesh Premier League LLDWD DWWWD    
Bangladesh Muktijoddha SKC - Brothers Union  Bangladesh Premier League DLDLL LLDWD    
Bangladesh Saif - Mohammedan Dhaka  Bangladesh Premier League DDDDW WWLLW    
Bangladesh Muktijoddha SKC - Saif  Bangladesh Premier League LDLDL DDDDD    
Bangladesh Brothers Union - Arambagh Krira Sangha  Bangladesh Premier League LLLDW WLLDW    
Bangladesh Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League LDWWW DDLDL    
Bangladesh Mohammedan Dhaka - Farashganj SC  Bangladesh Premier League DWWLL DDLLD    
Bangladesh Abahani Limited Shaka - Team BJMC  Bangladesh Premier League WDWWW DLWWL    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Muktijoddha SKC  Bangladesh Premier League LWLLD LLDLD    
Bangladesh Saif - Farashganj SC  Bangladesh Premier League WDDDD LDDLL    
Bangladesh Rahmatgonj MFS - Brothers Union  Bangladesh Premier League DDDLD LLLLD    
Bangladesh Sheikh Russel - Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC  Bangladesh Premier League DWDWD DLDWW    
Bangladesh Mohammedan Dhaka - Abahani Limited Shaka  Bangladesh Premier League WDWWL WWDWW    
Bangladesh Arambagh Krira Sangha - Saif  Bangladesh Premier League DLWLL WWDDD    
Bangladesh Muktijoddha SKC - Rahmatgonj MFS  Bangladesh Premier League LLLDL DDDDL    
Bangladesh Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi FC - Team BJMC  Bangladesh Premier League WDLDW LDLWW